Kinta, Rutunda vase S, dotted clay

€ 39,95

Vase Rutunda S, 20x13cm, dotted clay

Vase Rutunda S 

Afmeting; 20x13 cm

Dotted clay

We are proud of our ceramics collection Rutunda, handmade in Vietnam, designed by Kinta and 'fair trade'. It is functional, it is stoneware, it is roundish shaped and it is a perfect match to our wooden products. We offer tea pots and tea cups in 2 sizes as well as bowls in 4 sizes. and plates in 2 sizes. It is a modern design with a natural sand look. It is made of natural clay. The sand granules sometimes appear through the glaze as small black spots as a reaction to the high baking temperature. Each item is unique. The ceramic is made in a pottery in Hanoi, run by the eighth generation of the family. The ceramist uses local resources and mixes the (non-toxic) colours himself. These food safe products are baked at high temperatures which make them dishwasher and microwave safe.